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Retainer & Phase Planning

After your retainer has been secured, you will receive a custom e-mail and list of requested digital assets for deep analysis.

Phase 1: Intelligence Gathering

After all your assets are submitted, each specialist on our Client Services team will perform individualized analysis of your brand (as it relates to their expertise).

During this phase, our team members will identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This process will conclude with written or conferenced team consultation (via Google Handout) where we will share our findings with you directly. We will discuss any roadblocks impeding your growth and suggest strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Phase 2: Engineering Rollout Plan

This is the phase where we put pen to paper and build a customized roll-out plan for your artist or product. This juncture of the development process is centered around creating a marketing and PR action plan to target and engage your identified key audience and push towards growth benchmarks and other measurable results.

FACT: If your Artist is not moving, your label is not making money.

Specifically for indie-labels this phase of our program is dedicated to helping you monetize your music products and to get your artist moving, both figuratively and literally.  Whether it is creating a multi-city promo run for your latest project or matching your Artist with a co-headliner for a 10-city tour, we focus on getting the artist moving.

Each planned tour will have pre/post market radio & club servicing, digital marketing & sales support. As well as, transportation & accommodation, road management, venue and route development, press and media buys, pre-tour rehearsal and merchandise management. Our touring service is built for scale and to provide our Clients maximum ROI from the first show.

FICTION: You have to have a large fanbase and a lot of music platform streams to make money from shows & tours.


Phase 3: Execution of Rollout

The Execution Phase of our program is where the magic happens.  During this phase, you will be able to follow our roll-out plan from paper to reality.

Phase 4: Data & Reports

Here at RSG we know that numbers don’t lie. Today, like never before – we have access to large amounts of data and information that we will use to develop, execute and adjust your prescribed roll-our plan as needed.  While available data and reports are used throughout the entire planning process, they are especially important as we are measuring the success of our efforts and plan. We utilize available information to not only identify ROI but to also let us know when something is missing the mark.